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Campus Master Plan

The Campus Master Plan is our dream for an ideal future. The current agenda includes:

 Multiuse performing arts center

 Lighted walkways in the central campus area

 Walking and hiking trails through the 700-acre surrounding campus

 Roofed tennis courts for all-weather play

 Additional athletic courts and other sports facilities

 Fully renovated dorm bathrooms

Delphian Annual Fund 2016-17

The Delphian Annual Fund is our “bread and butter” fund. It allows the school to channel energy where it’s most needed at any given time and to undertake projects that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. This fund helps us create the richness you find in the Delphian program.

Scholarship Fund

This fund enables students to attend the Delphian School who otherwise could not afford it.


Delphian Telethon 2016-2017

Delphian Telethon Goals 2016-2017

This year’s Telethon is the student fundraising part of the Delphian Annual Fund, which hopes to finance some exciting renovations to our Little Theater and Student Recreation Room.

The Little Theater is where we stage our on-campus plays, like the annual Upper School Thanksgiving and Middle School Parents Weekend plays. That’s also where our ever-popular Friday Night Performances are held, with a musical program (and sometimes skits) featuring many of our students.

THE FUNDS RAISED FROM THE TELETHON will contribute to expanding the theater's size to accommodate a larger audience and add more space backstage, and also to upgrading the heating and add air conditioning. Just think--no more Standing Room Only, no more sweltering in warm weather or freezing in the cold. It will be beautiful!

The Rec Room is where students go to socialize, play games and purchase snacks. The plan is to enlarge and modernize the Rec Room, including adding a brand-new kitchen so a greater variety of food can be served. And of course the entire area will be redecorated and repainted.