Tales from the Past Visions of the Future

Delphian Reunited
Tales of the Past, Visions of the Future!

Delphian Reunited will be our opportunity to come together as a community, see some faces from the past, and find out what's happening now in the world of Delphian.

How Does it Work?
RSVP using the above link, and tune in at 3 PM (Pacific Time) on November 1st for a fun-filled Delphian gathering.

Bruce Wiggins and Adam Whitworth

Event Details:
At this event, our Headmaster, Trevor Ott, will update you on the exciting news of recent and upcoming campus expansion. You will also hear from alumni who are changing the world of education, and guest appearances from some familiar faces: past and present. You will also be the first to see the Premier performance of a new musical, the "Pirates of Zenpants."

Additionally, the winners of the Find the Dragon game will be announced during the event.

All funds raised during the Delphian Reunited event will go toward the complete renovation of the laundry room. This is the top choice for an upgrade by student survey, and we need your help to make it a reality.