Online Payment Privacy Policy

While processing online payments, this site only uses sensitive authorization data until completion of the authorization of a transaction. This data includes the full credit card number, the card verification code. and any personal identification number (PIN) that might have been used. This data is never saved within this site or any of it's related databases

We do record non-sensitive information, such as who was logged in when the payment was made, which student it is for, and any notes provided. We also record the last 4 digits of the credit card number and the amount that was processed and information about the transaction process itself (transaction identifier, success of the transaction, etc.).

The "name on the card" and "billing address" information provided are not stored, unless that same information was previously given to the school for another purpose, such as a home address. They are never saved from the payment form and are never flagged as billing information within the site or any of its related databases.